Perfect Makeup at Home: A Simple Tutorial

A girl applying make-up at homeProfessional makeup artists can change your appearance completely. Their work seems like magic at times and most of us envy this incredible skill. However, you don’t have to be a pro in order to make yourself look truly stunning. The following guide will teach you how to apply makeup correctly:

1. Start with a moisturizer and sunscreen.
These two products are essential as they protect your skin from the environment. Any cosmetic product you apply after the moisturizer will slide smoothly over your face, so it will be easier for you to conceal any small imperfections.

2. Use a foundation primer.
A primer is a necessity if you need your makeup to last for many hours. A foundation will look better when applied atop a primer, so it will make your face perfectly smooth.
If you have oily skin, you need to find a specialized primer that will tighten your pores and prevent the overproduction of sebum during the day.
Wait 5-10 minutes before applying foundation in order to let your skin absorb the primer properly.

3. Splurge on foundation.
Foundation will cover any imperfections you might have on your face and make it look flawless. This kind of effect can be achieved only if you use the best product. Do not try to save money by buying cheap foundations or those of questionable quality, as this is the most important tool in your makeup kit.
Note that you must test the product before you purchase it in order to be sure that it matches your skin type and color perfectly. And, always do it with proper lighting!

4. Make your face radiant.
To make your skin literally glow, mix a drop of illuminator with your foundation before applying it. The shimmering effect of this mixture will make your face look truly incredible.
It is best to use this particular method for party makeup as your face may glow too much for a casual office image.

5. Use a concealer.
Do not listen to the people who say that you should buy a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your own skin tone. The overtly pale smudges of it will be too difficult to even out and they will make your makeup look artificial.
If you want to look naturally beautiful, you need to use a concealer that matches both your skin tone and foundation. This product will be able to hide the imperfections without dragging attention to the problematic areas.

6. Choose loose mineral powder.
This kind of powder will be perfect to finish your makeup as it makes your skin look smooth and doesn’t clog your pores. Apply it with a brush to cover every inch of your face evenly.

7. Always use some bronzer or blush.
Smile to yourself in the mirror and apply the bronzer or blush while your cheeks remain in this position.
You can make your face look slimmer if you put blush that suits your skin tone at the apples of your cheeks and apply some bronzer under them with a hard angled brush.

8. Apply eye makeup.
There are dozens of different ways to apply eye makeup, so you need to look up the instructions for the particular type you are interested in.
Remember to always use an eye-shadow primer if you want your hard work to last until the end of the day.

9. Choose the correct lipstick.
Apply some foundation on your lips to make the lipstick last longer. Then, blot them with a paper napkin and put on another layer of lipstick or gloss.
Use a specialized cosmetic pencil to make your lips more defined and correct their shape if necessary.

10. Always wear mascara.
Even if you decide to forego everything else, always put on some mascara. It will open up your eyes, give them more definition and make you look more awake.    

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