Post-Workout Beauty Routine

A woman with towel after workoutIf you are one of the busy girls who try to combine workouts and actual work, you know how difficult it is to fit a gym session into a loaded schedule. This task becomes even harder if you try to arrange your day so your workout comes last. Many girls do that because they don’t believe one can look presentable after some heavy sweating in a gym.

However, this isn’t so. Today we offer several simple beauty tips that will help you look fresh and beautiful even after a good training session.

In order to look your best after a workout, you need to start your preparations beforehand. The most important items on your “to do” list should be:

Part 1: Preparation

  • Applying a suitable antiperspirant product.
    Today you can find a wide selection of those in almost every shop. There are even some kinds of antiperspirants that are designed for humid environment. They will be perfect for those who work out outdoors.
    You can also look for the products that have a “motion-activated freshness” option. They should be more efficient.
  • Protecting your skin from dryness.
    Your skin can become too dry due to sweating. As you might not get a chance to apply a layer of body lotion after your quick post-workout shower, you should moisturize well in the morning. Choose a product that is a bit “heavier” than the one you’d use on an ordinary day so that your skin gets the necessary extra protection.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
    You will hardly have time to reapply your makeup completely, so you should do everything in your power to minimize the damage it will suffer during workout.
    Waterproof mascara is a must as you will sweat and take a shower.

Your hair will require different kinds of treatment depending on its length and the type of workout. If you have long hair, you should pull it into a bun and cover it with a cap when you train outdoors. This will help you stay cool despite physical activity and protect your locks from becoming tangled up. If you don’t have the time to wash your hair, keep it in a ponytail or some similar style, but wash your bangs to look fresh.

In case your workout includes swimming, you will need to stock up on some mild shampoos as you will have no other choice but to wash your hair frequently. Even with a good swimming cap, some water from the pool is sure to get under it. The chemicals in the water can harm you if you don’t wash them off quickly. You will also need this kind of shampoo if your hair is short and you have to wash it every time because of the sweating you do in a gym.

Part 2: Post-Workout

Cosmetic products you will need to have in your gym-bag to make yourself beautiful post-workout are:

  • Micellar water or any other kind of mild cleanser.
    What is micellar water? It’s not a toner. It’s not a cleansing milk. It’s definitely not a face wash. Micellar water is a skincare product that removes makeup and cleanses the skin, without the need for rinsing. This is a must have product as you will need to remove all the sweat and grime from your face
  • PureLx Allure Oil Free MoisturizerSkin calming spray or gel.
    Exercise will make your blood race. This is good for your health but not so much for looks as you will become flushed and your pores will enlarge. There are some calming sprays and gels that can help you take care of this problem quickly. They usually contain aloe, green tea, or cucumber.
  • Cooling moisturizer.
    Light moisturizer with cooling effect will be perfect to make your skin smooth and glowing. The PureLx AllureOil Free Moisturizer is on such perfect gel to use on these occasions. In addition, it can serve as a primer for makeup.
  • Compact foundation.
    Choose a product that suits your skin type and tone perfectly. Matte foundation will be the best in this case as you won’t need to apply powder over it.
  • Lip gloss.
    As your lips can be slightly chapped after a workout, it’s best to use gloss because it can effectively cover up this little imperfection. 
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