Pre-Summer Foot Makeover Tips

Woman foot and handsBoots and a nice pair of warm socks protect your feet from the cold, but wearing them takes a toll on your precious feet. As summer is right around the corner, all of us girls are in a dire need of a serious foot makeover. Today, we offer you a few simple tips that can ensure your feet look gorgeous the first day you wear sandals.

  • Get a tan.
    Porcelain white skin can look good in certain situations, but summer isn’t the time for this look. Many girls understand this and take some steps to fake attractive golden tan until they get a chance to acquire it naturally.
    Unfortunately, feet are often overlooked when spraying the tan on.This can really affect your overall appearance as white feet will stand out and not in an attractive way.
    Be sure to get full coverage all over, feet included with the tan cream or spray of your choice.
  • Get some medical attention.
    If you notice any kind of problem with your feet, consult a doctor. These issues include rash, scaling, discoloration of toenails, unnaturally thick nails, itching, and foul smell. These symptoms may come in different combinations, but all of them point at some kind of infection. Fungal infections are the most common type. You can contract this kind of nasty condition in a gym or pool by simply walking over contaminated shower floor.
    In most cases, these conditions aren’t dangerous, but their treatment is a lengthy process. You should start working on them right now to get your feet ready for summer.
  • Keep your heels soft and pretty.
    Soft and smooth skin is an undisputed mark of beauty and health. During winter, layers of fabric and thick boots prevent the skin of your feet from drying and make it more soft.
    Alas, wearing open summer shoes increases the friction, which makes your skin react and become rough in the most affected places. This damage can also lead to your heels starting to crack because they become too dry.
    To prevent this, you will need to use a special kind of heel file every morning after your
    shower. There are many types of these files available today. Some of them made of
    stainless steel while others are electronic. Choose the type that works best for your
    You also need to supply your skin with nutrition and apply some softening and moisturizing cream every night.
  • Prepare your nails properly.
    Applying some bright nail polish will glam up your feet. However, don’t forget that your toenails require the same kind of treatment as the nails on your hands. This includes softening and removing overgrown cuticles, careful shaping and using a buffer to even out any ridges. The latter is often forgotten about, but you will definitely regret not doing this after you apply some metallic nail polish. The tiny shiny particles that make this particular kind of nail polish such a hit will make even minor flaws in the nail surface stand out.
  • Call in a pro.
    If your feet look rather haggard after the trials of winter boots and office shoes, you should call in a professional to help you restore their natural beauty. Pedicure is an art that requires the use of various tools to perform. Even if you do have them, you might 
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