Protect Your Hair from Frosts During the Holiday Season

A girl with long brown hair in winterWinter frosts may paint your cheeks a prettier pink than any blush, but they care harsh on your hair. Considering that the holiday season is fast approaching, it’s imperative that you look your best at all times. The tips we will share with you today will allow you to keep your tresses beautiful and healthy, as well as avoid hat hair and other common issues associated with bitterly cold winds.

  • Wear a silk scarf.
    Headwear is necessary during winter, but wearing common wool hats results in friction that causes static that deals a great amount of damage to your hair. Wrapping your head in a silk scarf will effectively protect you from the cold without putting any undue stress on your beautiful locks. In addition, this will minimize the damage to your hairstyle, so it’s the perfect option for going to a party. If it’s really cold outside, wear a hat over the scarf to protect your hair.
  • Use a volumizing product.
    This is the most effective way to combat hat hair. Apply the product about 15 minutes before leaving the house and take it with you. Once you reach your destination, apply another dollop of the product to the crown of your head and lift your locks from the roots with your fingers. Your hairstyle will look amazing and will help you stand out at any party.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner.
    The biggest hair problem caused by frosts is dryness. Cold wind makes the skin of your scalp dry and your hairs brittle. Extra hydration will protect you from these negative effects of the weather. Using a leave-in conditioner after your regular routine will help keep your locks healthy and strong. Look for products based on natural extracts and oils as they don’t weigh down your tresses and don’t leave the unpleasant feeling of greasiness.
  • Stimulate dry scalp with a special shampoo.
    If your hair reacts strongly to the change in the weather, it will be best to replace your usual shampoo with a “stimulating” product that will improve circulation in the scalp. There are plenty of shampoos like this available from renowned manufacturers, so you will definitely find a good product you can afford. Pay attention to the list of ingredients and look for a formula that will not only stimulate, but also offer extra hydration and protection. Products that contain tea tree oil, bamboo extract, and vitamins A and E are the best.
  • Use ceramic and ionic styling tools.
    If you don’t have this kind of tools in your arsenal, it’ll be a great idea to add them to your holiday wish list. Styling our hair almost on a daily basis is a necessity for many women, but this process damages your locks greatly. It’s wise to invest in high quality tools that will reduce the inevitable damage. Ionic styling tools, in particular, are the best for winter as they neutralize static charge, which is the major cause for dehydration and hair damage during winter.
  • Never go out with damp hair.
    This will not only damage your precious tresses but also put your health at a great risk. Remember, it’s best to be 5 minutes late than to fall sick.
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