Simple Pre-Holiday Detox

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Today we will introduce our special pre-holiday detox program that will help look truly stunning at the upcoming parties. A good detox will cleanse your body, which will improve the state of your skin and hair, making them glow with health and beauty.

Stage 1: Clean Up (7 Days)

The first stage prepares your body for a full detox. It is necessary in order to ensure that you don’t damage your health by performing a thorough cleansing.

You can take some supplements to facilitate this stage of the program. Colon Healthy Cleanser from Quality Nature will be a great choice in this case. This product is mild but effective. It will help not only remove toxins from your body but also improve your digestive health in general and prepare your body for overindulging in treats at parties.

Supplements are good, but it’s diet that will be the key to your detox preparation. Here is what we suggest:

  • Consume five meals a day.
    You should have three full meals and two snacks every day. This will help you stabilize your blood sugar and improve your digestive function as a whole. When your gastrointestinal tract works well, getting through the stress of irregular meals during the party season will be easier.
  • Include some protein in each meal.
    Protein is essential as it’s the building material our cells use for regeneration. Including a bit of white meat, seafood, nuts, eggs, seeds, or fish into every big meal will allow you get your fill of protein for the day.
  • Eat brightly colored fruits and veggies.
    Note that you should avoid bananas, potatoes, and parsnips. Choose rainbow-colored vegetables and fruits as they are packed with vitamins and fiber. In addition, they will make your food look nice, which will help you fight off the gloom of winter blues.
  • Eat some fat.
    You need to include a small amount of fat in every meal. A bit of fresh butter on your toast is great in the morning. You can add a tsp of olive or coconut oil to lunch and dinner.
  • Drink a lot of water.
    Stay hydrated at all times. Always have a bottle of fresh water on hand and don’t allow yourself to get thirsty. You can also drink unsweetened green and herbal teas.
  • Add flax seeds.
    You can include small amounts of flax seeds in different foods, but two days before you start the active part of the detox, you should increase your intake. Start off the day with 7 tbs of ground seeds (soaked overnight in a ½ cup of prune juice).
  • Avoid “dangerous” foods.
    Processed foods, alcohol, sugar, and caffeine are hard on your liver. You should exclude them from your diet during this time, and it would be best t stay away from them altogether if you want to stay healthy and fit.
  • Cut down on dairy and gluten.
    It’s not necessary to avoid them altogether, but you should reduce your intake of these foods as they interfere with the detox.

Stage 2: Total Cleanse (2-3 Days)

It would be perfect to time the total cleanse for a weekend so that you can fully relax and enjoy some home spa procedures as well as perform a thorough cleansing.

  • Continue with the flax seeds.
    Start every day of the cleanse with flax seeds soaked in prune juice overnight.
  • Cold-pressed juices + a protein shake.
    You should drink three cold-pressed juices and a protein shake every day. Check out recipes online and choose whatever you like most. Take your liquid meals at 8 AM, noon, 4 PM, and 7 PM. Even if you can’t keep to this schedule, you should be finished by 8 PM as this will allow your body to rejuvenate fully before the next “meal”.
  • Drink, drink, drink.
    You should drink up to 3 liters of water/herbal tea a day.

Stage 3: Maintenance

Keep your body in excellent shape through the party season by reverting to the diet from stage 1. Of course, you will overindulge in delicious treats and alcohol on occasion, but following the rules as closely as possible will allow you to reduce the stress of these feasts on your body.

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