Simple Ways to Hide Dirty Hair

A woman trying to make her haircutDirty greasy hair is not attractive on anyone, but sometimes you just don’t have the time necessary to wash and style it properly. However, there is no need to despair, even if your head looks more like a bird’s nest first thing in the morning. The following tips will help you fix your hair quickly and hide the fact that it’s dirty:

  • Use dry shampoo.
    Unlike the proper washing and conditioning routine, you will need only a few minutes to apply some dry shampoo and let the product do its magic.
    Sadly, this trick works only if you are a day late with your washing as it can handle only a small amount of oil effectively. If you try to apply it when your locks become really greasy, the particles of shampoo will glue to each other and form hideous lumps that would be extremely difficult to remove. At the very best, they will end up looking as a bad case of dandruff.
    However, if your hair is only a little oily, a bit of dry shampoo will fix the problem right away.
  • Do a half-up twist.
    This kind of hairstyle is good if your hair is oily at the roots, but the ends still look good. When you pull the locks away from your face and a bit up, and allow the rest of your hair fan out, you will draw the attention away from the greasy roots.
  • Braid, braid, braid!
    When your hair goes into the “severely greasy” category and no amount of tricks can make it look any less dirty, you should turn to braids. The more complex your braid is, the better. A complicated design will make up for the grease.
    In fact, dirty hair is absolutely perfect for braiding as it is extremely difficult to twist your locks into a complicated pattern if they are clean and light. Oily hair is heavier and behaves much better when you try to style it this way.
    If you don’t have the skill or time to turn your locks into a twisty masterpiece, you should go with a side French braid. It will hide the dirtiest part of your hair and look overall romantic and cute. The best thing about this style is that it fits any outfit, even a formal office suit.
  • Pull your hair into a twisted topknot.
    This is the last resort that you can use in case you haven’t washed your hair for a few days. To make this style a bit more interesting, you can twist your locks into some intricate pattern or braid them and pull the braid into a bun. You can also decorate your hair with some small accessories.
    Note the word “small” as something flashy will only drag unnecessary attention to the state of your hair.
  • Use a hairband.
    Accessories can help you draw the attention from your less than perfect locks. It is best to have a few big flashy headbands you can put on with a messy ponytail. This is a perfect option if your hair goes unwashed for a couple of days, but not more. 
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