Skincare Products: Expectation vs. Realty

A woman holding a skincare cream

When we read product descriptions created by gifted marketing specialists, we can’t help but hope that the results we will get after using them will be incredible. Unfortunately, quite often we end up disappointed. The lack of result that meets your expectations doesn’t necessarily mean that the description was false. This might happen because the product doesn’t suit you or you didn’t give it enough time to work its magic. There is also a possibility that your expectations are unreasonable.

Today we’ll try to help you clear up this particular issue so that you can understand whether you should keep using the product or drop it lest it damage your skin further. To do this, you need to understand what you can reasonably expect from various beauty products.

  • Cleansers.
    Expectations: you can expect a cleanser to leave your skin clean and even-toned. It must remove all traces of makeup and dirt. After you wash the product off your skin and rinse it, you mustn’t feel any dryness or greasiness. When: positive effects should appear within a week of consistent use.
  • Toners.
    Expectations: after applying a toner, your skin should feel light and look radiant. The product must remove the remnants of cleanser or makeup. If you have sensitive skin, the redness must be reduced and you should feel more comfortable. Toners for oily skin must produce a visible effect of tightening pores and make your face feel and look fresh. When: the effects should appear in under 2 weeks and remain constant after that. However, you may notice some positive changes immediately.
  • Exfoliants.
    Expectations: these products must make the surface of your skin feel smooth. Your pores will become a bit smaller and your face overall will look brighter as the skin is renewed. Consistent use should result in an even and healthy skin tone. When: some improvement will be noticeable right away. However, you will need to wait for any serious and consistent changes for about 5-14 days (depending on the frequency of use). Note that it’s imperative to use exfoliants consistently in order to maintain the positive effect.
  • Moisturizers for dry to normal skin.
    Expectations: these creams must make your skin feel hydrated and look healthy and smooth. The feeling of comfort should envelop your face and the tiny lines caused by excess dryness must disappear. The most important thing is for the effect to last. When: the potency of the effect will depend on the product. In general, you should see massive lasting positive changed within 2-8 weeks.
  • Moisturizers for combination to oily skin.
    Expectations: you should expect these products to provide you with a feeling of comfort and make your skin hydrated instead of greasy. The cream must be fully absorbed in less than 10 minutes. When: like with any moisturizers, the changes will be noticeable within 2-8 weeks.
  • Anti-aging treatments.
    Expectations: these creams must make your skin smoother and even out its tone. Consistent use should make the smaller wrinkles disappear. When: the effects must be noticeable in 2-4 weeks.
  • Anti-acne treatments.
    Expectations: these products must provide two effects. The first is a visible reduction of blemishes, and the second is a reduction in the frequency of breakouts. When: some products must provide a result overnight (topical anti-blemish treatments). Others will take about 4-12 weeks of consistent use to show any discernible positive changes.
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