Special Holiday Spa Beauty Tips

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The upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to pamper yourself. No need to get upset if you don’t have an opportunity to book a spa weekend and get professional beauty treatments. Our special holiday beauty tips will allow you to turn your own bathroom into a real spa.

  • Close the door between yourself and the world.
    The key to a successful pampering session is relaxation. You need to be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest without thinking about the stress that is your daily life. So, lock the door to your bathroom and forget that the world outside exists. Two hours of this “illusion” and you’ll feel like a new person by the time you open this door again.
  • Create a setting that will help you relax.
    Light scented candles or incense, turn on your favorite music, or even put up a few special decorations that you truly like. All in all, you need to set up your bathroom in a manner that will help you enjoy yourself and relax completely.
  • Enhance the holiday spirit with scents.
    Winter holidays are usually associated with the scents of cinnamon and nutmeg, so be sure to incorporate them into your spa session. You can get cinnamon scented candles or light up an oil lamp with these fragrant oils. You can also add these spices directly to your beauty products. Note that such a mix cannot be stored, so prepare it directly before you start your special holiday beauty session. Put a bit of your body moisturizer into a glass jar and mix it with a spoonful of nutmeg and cinnamon. The spices are not only great for your sense but for your skin as well. They help reduce inflammation and make your skin softer. If you have these spices in a granular form, you can add them to your body scrub. You can make a special holiday exfoliant yourself using sugar (1/2 cup) and sea salt (1/4 cup) combined with a bit of honey, olive oil, and spices. This scrub will make your skin truly radiant
  • Take a relaxing hot bath.
    This is an essential part of a home spa session. Draw a hot bath “spiced up” with your favorite fragrant oils. Throw in a handful of rose petals to enhance the special atmosphere. You can add some bubbles if you enjoy this kind of bath.
  • Give yourself a facial massage.
    Relax your face muscles carefully massaging them before you begin your beauty procedures. Move your fingers in small circles along the massage lines exerting the tiniest bit of pressure. A massage will improve circulation and absorption of the beauty products that will follow.
  • Use your favorite beauty products.
    Now that you are sufficiently relaxed, you can move onto the skincare part of the spa session. Apply your usual face mask and other products that you use on occasions like this. If this is your first at-home spa session, start with a scrub or a peel, then move on to a face mask that matches your skin type. Wash off the product with warm water and apply a rich moisturizer.
  • Apply party makeup.
    It’s great to schedule your private spa session before a party as this way, your skin will be glowing with beauty and your mood will be at its highest. Allow yourself to have a bit of fun with your makeup as you don’t have to restrain yourself as you usually do for the office. Use bright colors that match your outfit and be sure to add a bit of glitter to your eyeshadows. You can change your usual look with false eyelashes and bright lipstick. Just be careful not to go overboard. Remember, if you use brightly-colored eyeshadows, you’ll need to choose neutral lipstick and vice versa.
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