Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag

Items in a makeup bagWe use makeup to highlight our beauty, but did you know that you could actually harm yourself with your own makeup? It’s not because of the chemicals in the cosmetics, as today there are plenty of organic products that are completely safe and can even provide you with some measure of protection from the environment.

It’s the abundance of germs and bacteria around and how often you clean your makeup bag that can lead to trouble. Many of us are so caught up in using our favorite cosmetic products economically to make them last longer that we thoroughly forget they have a predetermined expiration date.

Follow our simple makeup bag spring-cleaning tips to help ensure that no harmful bacteria or toxins affect your skin through makeup.

1. Wash all your makeup brushes, sponges and applicators every weak.
Imagine how much bacteria accumulates on your makeup brushes because they collect dust, old makeup and sebum. This turns the tools of your art into perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Using these contaminated brushes can cause allergy or even more serious disorders, like acne.
It is highly recommended to wash all the brushes and other makeup application tools you use at least once a week. Use natural and gentle soap with warm water for cleaning them. Be sure to dry them properly.

2. Clean the bag itself.
Dirt and bacteria also breed directly inside your makeup bag. From there, they can spread onto brushes, cosmetics, and your hands.
A cloth bag should be washed every two weeks at the very least. If you use plastic makeup storage containers, dust them every week and swipe the inner surfaces with rubbing alcohol several times per month.

3. Throw out the products you don’t need.
Assess the contents of your makeup bag critically and remove all the items you haven’t used in a month. You don’t really need them, and there is no point in them lying around. These tubes and boxes only create unnecessary clutter and make it difficult to find the things you really need.

4. Make an expiration dates chart.
When you add a new product to your bag, write down its expiration date on a piece of paper and store it with your cosmetics. You can arrange the dates into a chart to make it easier to keep track of them. Nowadays you can even use your Smartphone to set up a reminder that will tell you it’s time for some of the products to go.
Remember, cosmetic products, especially the ones that are organic, don’t contain preservatives. Therefore, they turn toxic after expiration.

5. Buy wisely.
Consider your purchases carefully when shopping for makeup. It can be hard to pass up an opportunity to buy something beautiful and sparkling, but do you really need it? Think of what kind of makeup is suitable for your everyday look and then decide how many various more “flashy” products you need to doll up for a party. Remember that cosmetic products can be stored only for a few months after you open them. Do you really want to waste your money buying an eye shadow kit you will use three times before you need to throw it away?
Take these considerations into account and buy a collection of products that you would actually use. 

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