The Truth about Mineral Makeup

Mineral cosmetics and a brushMineral makeup is extremely popular today and plenty of magazines and beauty blogs actively promote it. We admit that mineral products do have some advantages that make them stand out when compared to ordinary makeup. However, there is more you should know about it. Today we’ll explain what mineral makeup really is about.

First of all, the word “mineral” doesn’t mean that it’s a 100% natural product. In fact, the first mineral lines were a mix of chemicals that could rival polyester in their “naturality”. The situation has changed today and you can really find some products that consist of several organic ingredients. However, they do need synthetic stabilizers and other elements, so study the labels very carefully. This is especially important for girls with sensitive skin who go for mineral makeup as a safer option to prevent allergy and skin irritation. Do your research on every chemical listed on the label to know exactly what you are buying. One of the chemicals often used in these products is bismuth oxychloride. It produces a fine shimmery powder that blends well into your skin, but it’s made of a lead derivative and chloride, which is definitely not good for your health.

There are also some issues with mineral makeup application. At first, it seems that it should cover your face perfectly as the powders are so fine. However, quite often poor quality products literally stick to your skin, so you can’t blend them properly. This may result in a slightly artificial layered look that will not be appealing in the least.

Though, we must admit that there are some very good mineral makeup products out there. The trick is finding them. You should only buy makeup from renowned brands and always take a look at the label. Once you find a trustworthy product, experiment with its application a bit. It will differ from the makeup you are used to, so you will need to adjust your application techniques to get the results you want.

Mineral Makeup as Skincare

Some ads claim that mineral makeup is so good for you, it can replace your skincare products. This is a definite myth created by the manufacturers of said makeup as no matter how natural a powder or foundation may be, it cannot provide the same level of care that specialized creams and serums do.

Yes, mineral products contain some very useful ingredients, like zinc, which reduces inflammation and helps fight acne. However, this alone won’t treat the problem. At best, makeup can only hide and reduce the signs, such as reddening and pimples. You also need to understand that the healing properties of some mineral makeup ingredients are often compromised by other chemicals that are included in the same product.

The bottom line is that if you have a skin condition that requires treatment, like acne or rosacea, you need to use specialized products that can get to the root of the problem. Makeup, no matter how good, can only serve as a means to enhance your natural beauty by adding some colors and shade to your face. High-quality mineral-based products may be a better choice in some cases as they don’t contain as many nasty ingredients that can clog your pores. However, you need to make sure that the makeup you buy is indeed natural and safe.

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