Top 10 Must-Know Beauty Tips for Every Girl

A girl doing makeupUs girls work extremely hard to look flawless. There are many things involved in creating a perfect image, and a shortcut of any kind can be most welcome. Today we present you with a list of simple tips that can help you stay beautiful with little effort on your part.

1. Pat, don’t rub.
When you apply concealer, foundation, or any similar product, you need to use careful patting motions. Never try to rub the substance in as this will only get your pores clogged and will enhance any imperfections, such as acne scars or tiny lines.
If you pat the product in, it will gently fill the creases and make your skin perfectly smooth. Apply some mineral powder to “solidify” the effect.

2. Make your eyelashes thicker with baby powder.
If you need to apply party makeup fast, you won’t have the time to use any artificial eyelashes. However, you can still enhance your eyes by making your natural lashes appear thicker.
Apply one coat of mascara. Then put some baby powder on your lashes. Use a Q-tip and be careful to make sure there aren’t any lumps left. Finally, apply one more layer of mascara.

3. Dry your nails with cold water.
In an emergency where you need to get your manicure fixed fast, and there is no special nail polish dryer around, you can use cold water. Dunk the freshly painted nail into a bowl of water (make it as cold as you can) and wait for a few seconds. This will indeed help your nail polish dry faster.

4. Make your lipstick last.
To make sure that your lipstick lasts as long as possible, apply it in the following manner:

  • Put on the first layer of lipstick.
  • Blot your lips with a paper napkin.
  • Apply some transparent mineral powder.
  • Apply the second layer of lipstick or gloss.
  • Apply some foundation on your lips.

5. Tame your brows with some lip balm.
In case you run out of brow gel, you can easily rectify the situation by replacing it with transparent lip balm. Apply the product with your finger and use your usual tools to get the brows into the shape you like.

6. Make your skin glow.
Glowing skin is a must for party makeup. You can easily achieve this by adding a few drops of liquid highlighter with your foundation. Base like this will allow you to create a truly outstanding party image in minutes.

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7. Treat blemishes right away.
Don’t ever ignore the first signs of blemish on your skin. Once you feel that something is wrong, use Clear Acne & Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment from PureLx. This product will deal with the problem right away and prevent it from festering.

8. Tea for your eyes.
Tea bags you brew for your morning cup will come in handy to deal with other bags, namely the ones under your eyes. Put wet but cold tea bags on your eyelids and leave them for about 10 minutes. Once you remove them, wash your face with cool water, pat it with a soft towel to dry and pat on PureLx Perfection Eye Cream.

9. Get your hands off curly hair.
If you suffer from frizzy curls , you simply need to learn how to keep your hands away from them. Apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner after you’ve washed your tresses and let them dry on their own. Your curls will resume their natural shape without annoying frizz.

10. Get a scrub down before shower.
Use a gentle brush to scrub your body before the morning shower. This will boost blood flow, tone up your skin, and make it much smoother. 

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