Top 4 Beach Beauty Tips

A woman on the beachA trip to the beach should be fun and relaxing, but can you really relax when worrying about your makeup running and your hairstyle being ruined by water and the breeze? Of course, you can forego cosmetics and styling products and opt for a completely natural look, right?

This is an option you definitely should consider. However, if you want to really make an impression when going to the beach during your vacation, you will need to use some special tools in order to create a look that will withstand the abuse from the elements and lack of makeup. We can offer you some tips:

  1. Make your hair stunning with highlights.
    You can give your hair a “sunkissed” look that will make your tresses shine with beauty even without fancy hairstyles. Be aware of the fact that ammonia-based hair dyes will weaken your locks to the damage from sun radiation, as well as salt and chlorine water. This may ruin your locks completely, and the effect of pool water on bleached hair is simply dreadful. Therefore, you should only use ammonia-free products. 
    If you are a bleached blond and pool water turned your hair a nasty shade of greyish-green, rinse your locks with club soda.
  2. Use fake tan.
    A stunning beach beauty should have bronze skin glowing with health. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend your whole vacation obtaining this look. Using some fake tan products will not only create the image you want to project but also protect your skin from UV rays. Self-tanners will allow you to build up a natural tan slowly so the transition won’t be noticeable.
  3. Perfect your beach makeup.
    The more natural you look the better, but we know that a healthy glowing look often requires the use of some special makeup products. For a perfect beach image you’ll need:
    a. Tinted moisturizer+sunscreen.
    Perfection Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF30 from PureLx will be the perfect choice for this. It will give you an even healthy skin tone while providing your face with hydration and protection from merciless sunlight.
    b. Cream bronzer.
    Apply a little of the product on your cheeks, forehead, down your nose, and top of your brow to give your skin a beautiful glow.
    c. Lip gloss.
    To perfect the “dewy” look you’ll need a shiny gloss of a natural pink color one shade darker than your lips.
    d. Waterproof mascara.
    This is a definite must-have for the summer. Your lashes must be defined as they will highlight your eyes without the use of eyeliner and shadows. Choose high-quality product that definitely won’t run. Test it at home to be sure.
    e. Blotting papers.
    You’ll need to use them regularly as there is no way to prevent your face from becoming shiny due to oil and sweat. Blotting papers can fix this problem quickly.
  4. Hide your flaws with body bronzer and highlighter.
    These products are miracle workers in reshaping your body. Apply a bit of highlighter on your shins and wrists to make your limbs look thinner. Use bronzer to “darken” your problem areas, such as tummy and thighs. 
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