Top Facial Treatments for Brides

A girl in a beauty salonThe wedding day is one of the most special days in every girl’s life and of course, every bride wants to be truly stunning for this special occasion. Love and Happiness filling up this day will of course do their part in adding to your natural beauty. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t give your beauty an extra boost!

Be sure to include some special facials and spa procedures in your pre-wedding schedule. There are quite a few treatments that can make you look even more gorgeous in your amazing dress. Here are our must-dos to give your beauty a power boost:

  • Hair removal.
    Body hair should be the last thing on your mind during your wedding and honeymoon. You’ll need to look into some lasting hair removal procedures to avoid shaving every other day while you should be focused on having a good time with your husband.
    If you want to perform laser hair removal to get rid of this issue permanently, you need to plan accordingly as this treatment will take a multiple sessions and requires a break of several weeks in between sessions.
  • Botox.
    Botox injections have become an effective way to remove any expression lines and tiny wrinkles you might have leaving your face smooth and glowing with beauty. Botox also is a way to prevent wrinkles from forming. This procedure should be performed about a month before the wedding to prevent it interfering with your special makeup.
  • Intensive Pulsed Light (IPL).
    Consider this procedure if the imperfections you want to get rid of are freckles, sun spots, age spots, or pigmentation. Note that if your problem is facial redness, this treatment may not be effective. You should look into some vessel-related therapies to find a solution for this issue.
  • Teeth whitening.
    Professional teeth whitening is an absolute must for your wedding day. You’ll find that your face hurts form smiling so much on this grand day. There will be lots of photos taken so you want to make sure your smile is picture perfect.
  • Lash extensions.
    This treatment will eliminate the need to bother with fake lashes when applying your wedding makeup. Lash extensions look natural and require very little maintenance.
    You’ll find that you don’t even need any mascara now that you have lash extensions. Be sure to brush them once a day and if you do decide to use cosmetic products, use those especially designed for artificial lashes. This should ensure that the extensions last for the duration of your honeymoon at the very least if not for several weeks after.
  • Resurfacing treatments.
    If your skin isn’t perfectly smooth, you can fix this through laser treatments, chemical peels, or micro-dermabrasion. Consult a professional cosmetologist and determine which treatment will be most effective for you. Please note that your skin will require some “rest” , therefore, you should prepare to do this a couple of weeks in advance of your big day.
  • Preventing breakouts.
    It’s impossible not to be nervous before such a momentous event as your wedding. Unfortunately, stress can lead to pimples, and waking up with a huge zit on the morning of your wedding day is a total disaster.
    If you are prone to acne, you need to discuss this issue both with your cosmetologist and your doctor. They should be able to develop some preventative treatment plan that will reduce the risk of acne breakout. Usually, a doctor might prescribe some corticosteroids for a couple of days to eliminate any inflammation. Your cosmetologist will be able to advise the best creams and other cosmetic products to use before the wedding to keep your skin clean and beautiful. You should also discuss your makeup and choose a foundation developed specifically for oily acne-prone skin. 
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