Traditional Beauty Treatments in Different Cultures

Collage of different traditional beauty treatments

Women used all kinds of natural treatments to enhance their beauty for thousands of years, and every culture has its unique secret ingredients that can make your skin glow with health. Today we will tell you about some of them.

  • Pakistani: Turmeric.
    Turmeric is not only a delicious spice, For hundreds of years, women of Pakistani and some regions of India used to make a special turmeric mask before the wedding. This tradition was an essential part of the bride-to-be preparation ritual. The mask was applied to both face and body in order to cure any problems (irritations and inflammations) as well as brighten and soften the skin.
  • Ancient Rome: Rose Oil.
    This oil was revered by many cultures and to this day it’s included in a variety of cosmetic products. It helps keep skin smooth, clear, and deeply hydrated, which is the reason why it’s often used in anti-aging treatments as well as creams and toners for extremely dry skin.
  • Israel: Dead Sea Mud.
    The women of Israel were blessed with a unique source of very strange, but nonetheless effective natural beauty treatment. The Dead Sea mud is extremely rich in minerals and makes for extraordinary cleansing masks.
  • Brazil: Oatmeal.
    People from all over the world eat oatmeal and today it’s often included in scrubs and some other beauty products. However, it were the people living in the sunny Brazil who discovered the fact that oatmeal can relive the pain and redness caused by sunburn. This treatment is still used today due to its low cost and high effectiveness. To try it yourself, you’ll need to take a spoonful of oatmeal flakes, wrap them in a piece of gauze, and tie the sack to the tap of your bath. Fill in the bath with cool water so that it flows through the sack and soak up in it for about 20 minutes. You’ll feel refreshed, your skin will become soft and the symptoms of inflammation will be greatly reduced.
  • Greece: Rosemary.
    Have you ever wondered how the beauties of Greece make their beautiful dark curls look so perfect? Rosemary water is the secret for Greek-style hair care. Take some fresh rosemary and boil it. Let the liquid cool and strain the rosemary. Rinse your locks with this water every time after you finish the washing-conditioning routine.
  • Japan: Sake.
    It’s not only Japanese men who like sake. Beauties of this Asian country add a few spoonfuls of sake to their bath water to make their skin smooth, soft, and lighten various skin discolorations.
  • Turkey: Daisy.
    There aren’t many women in Turkey with naturally blond hair, but the ones who are blessed with these locks use daisy water to keep their color vivid and add some shine. Boil a cup of daisy flowers, let the pot cool down, and strain the plants. Rinse your hair with the water and air dry your locks for the most amazing look.
  • China: Rice.
    Rice water and extract are widely used in the Asian cosmetic industry even today. These ingredients cleanse and whiten the skin, removing blemishes. They also help slow down the aging process.
  • Costa Rica: Oranges.
    The women of Costa Rica mix fresh orange juice with water (1:1) in order to shrink the pores and make their skin smooth.
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