Tricks for Flawless Skin ASAP

A woman applying facial creamThere may come a time in your life when you need to look perfect right at that moment, but for some reason, your body chooses to misbehave and not cooperate with you. If you need to improve the state of your skin ASAP, you will need to take some special steps. Here are a few tricks that will come in handy in such a situation:

  • Give yourself a facial with ice-cubes.
    This is the thing to do if the problem you have at the moment is puffiness and enlarged pores. You can either massage your face with an ice cube, or fill a small basin with cold water and put some cubes in there. If you choose the latter option, you will need to dip your face into the water, stay like that for about 10 seconds, and repeat the procedure several times. This is the better option, as dragging an ice cube over your skin is hardly pleasant.
  • Make a coffee exfoliant.
    An old jar of ground coffee can be more useful than you might think. A coffee exfoliant is a true short-term miracle maker. It stimulates your skin and removes all the dead cells, making you really glow. Mix the coffee with coconut or olive oil until you get yourself a thick paste and proceed.
  • Have a rejuvenating mask on hand.
    You can purchase this kind of cosmetic products from almost any store. They are extremely useful in dire situations. They might not be really effective as a long-term treatment because the effect will wear off with time. However, using a mask like this once in a while will give you a healthy and beautiful look within a few minutes.
    The best rejuvenating masks have potent moisturizing effect. Look for the products that say “maximum hydration” or “moisturizer” on the label. Read the list of ingredients in order to make sure that it includes hyaluronic acid. You can also look into purchasing facial masks that contain honey, bee’s venom or caffeine. Though bear in mind that both honey and bee’s venom can cause allergic reactions, so you need to perform a simple skin test before applying these products on your face.
    Caffeine rejuvenating facial masks are the best for people with oily skin.
  • Use special brightening creams.
    Even if you don’t feel “glowing” on the inside, you can still dazzle the others with your looks. Purchase a skin brightening cream and apply it under your makeup. A good product of this kind should fulfill two roles. First of all, it must act as a good primer for the foundation. Its second important quality is adding some radiance to your skin. You can use a highlighter to define certain areas on your face after applying the foundation, but be careful not to overdo it if you have a radiance cream underneath.
  • Make blemishes vanish.
    To achieve this particular goal, the best trick is to use eye shadow primer. This will ensure that the foundation or concealer you use will not slide off the bump.
    Please note that if the problem is an indentation of some kind, it will be more efficient to use liquid concealer, as it can literally fill it in.
  • Strategic placement of powder.
    Powdering is an act of magic if you do it right. Take two types of powder, a matte one that matches your skin tone and some highlighter powder. Put the former over your whole face. Then, brush your cheeks and nose with the highlighter. Do not forget to touch up the center of your forehead to add some natural glow.
    Be very careful when you work with a highlighter. If you overdo it a bit, it will be really difficult to get rid of the excess glow without redoing your makeup completely.
  • Remove puffiness and dark circles around your eyes with a massage.
    Massage the area around your eyes very carefully. Your movements must be gentle and light to prevent damage to the tender skin. You can use a special kind of eye-brightening product with a roll applicator to do the job.
    Avoid using concealer around your eyes, as it will only make dark circles stand out more. 
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