Why Do Your Skincare Products Stop Working?

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Have you ever experienced the feelings of frustrations and disappointment when your carefully developed beauty routine suddenly stops working? This is a very unpleasant situation, and the worst thing about it is that you don’t really know what to do in order to fix things. Do you need to replace some products? If yes, which part of the routine needs to be altered?

We want to help you figure out answers to those questions and find an efficient solution. Of course, you need to understand that there is a great number of factors that affect the condition of your skin and its reaction to various products. We can only explain the most common cases. However, if the solutions we offer don’t seem to work, you should consult a professional beautician or dermatologist, depending on the type of the problem you have.

The most common reasons that cause beauty products to stop working are:

  • A change in skin type.
    Your skin type is determined by your hormone levels and some other internal factors. It can change depending on the state of your health. These changes might be lasting or short-term (caused by some diseases). In the first case, you will need to change your beauty routine and start using the products that fit your current skin type. If the change is caused by a medical condition, focus on treating the underlying problem and test your skin type after it has been dealt with. Choose beauty products based on the results of this test.
  • Sun damage.
    Exposure to sunlight is very dangerous as UV rays do not only speed up the process of aging, but this form of radiation also increases the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it’s imperative to use sunscreen at all times. However, sun damage is cumulative, so it might get to you eventually, even if you use protection. This may lead to the appearance of brown spots and a change in skin type. Sun radiation also causes enlarged pores and wrinkles that appear well ahead of time. As your skin gets physically damaged by these nasty rays, the way it reacts to products changes. The way to solve this problem is to check your skin type regularly and find the products that work for you. Unfortunately, the latter can be done only through trial and error. Make sure to wear sunscreen at all times to reduce the level of damage.
  • Climate changes.
    If your beauty products stopped working after you moved to a new location, the climate might be responsible. Weather is not the deciding factor when it comes to skin type changes, but it does affect the overall state of your skin. Therefore, you’ll have to find creams and serums that work in your new environment. This should be a one-time issue, unless you move again.

Understanding the Changes

What exactly happens when your skincare routine stops working?

The answer to this question will determine whether you need to revise it completely or just get some specialized extra treatment for a while. Every case is unique, but the general rule of thumb is to pay close attention to the overall feel of your skin. If you can feel that it has changed (got drier or oilier), you should re-test your skin type and change products. In case your issue is breakouts or flaky patches around your nose and mouth, use specialized topical treatments, like a cortisone cream. 

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