Winter Skin Care Tips

A snowflake and a woman's face

The biggest skin problem that people face in winter is dryness. The harsh weather conditions can make even naturally oily skin too dry for comfort. In this state, your skin can be easily damaged by the elements as it doesn’t have the protective layer of sebum. Sudden changes in temperature that occur when you enter a warm building or go outside are hard on your vessels. This leads to redness which quickly turns from an attractive flush to a red nose and damaged capillaries.

You can avoid all these unpleasant developments and ensure that your skin remains healthy and beautiful if you use the following tips:

Moisturize more than ever.
Winter dries your skin more than summer heat, so you should focus on restoring the healthy moisture level from both outside and inside. Drinking more water or hot tea will definitely help you provide your body with a healthy dose of liquid. However, this alone won’t be enough for your skin, so you will need to purchase some specialized creams, like PureLx Perfection Anti-Aging Cream. It contains jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid which effectively moisturize your skin and keep it hydrated and protected for hours. This particular cream does not only solve the dryness problem but can also increase your skin’s elasticity and remove any minor signs of aging.

Use some sunscreen.
Sun radiation is dangerous regardless of the season, so you should always use some kind of direct protection from the sun. In winter, you only need to cover your face and hands if you want to avoid getting accidental sunburn from the light reflected of the snow.

Protect your hands with vigor.
The skin on your hands is very thin and there aren’t many oil glands there. This means that it’s physically impossible for people to keep their hands sufficiently protected when it’s freezing outside. You will have to provide the extra-moisture and protection via creams.
The creams should be oil-based as these products are more effective in creating an invisible protective layer that will cover your tender skin.

Get yourself a humidifier.
Various heating appliances make the air inside your home extremely dry. This affects your skin and health as a while, so installing a humidifier is a wise step in many ways.
Please note that this device becomes essential if you have young children living in the house. Their skin is very sensitive and requires special care. Humidifier will go a long way in keeping your kids healthy.

Avoid peels and scrubs.
Overtly dry skin quickly becomes flaky, but you should be very careful when using scrubs and peels to remove all the dead cells. These products are too “tough” and will only damage your skin further if used frequently. This means that you should cut down your exfoliation sessions to a minimum.

Don’t overheat.
When you are cold, taking a boiling hot bath may seem like a good idea. However, your skin will not appreciate it in the least. Hot water can break down the lipid barriers in your skin making it lose precious moisture much faster.
Replace hot water with warm and add a spoonful of baking soda or some oatmeal to it in order to relieve the itchiness that usually plagues dry skin. 

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