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HydroRx Squalane Serum For Dry Damaged Skin

HydroRx Squalane Serum For Dry Damaged Skin

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  • Gluten Free
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Non-GMO

HydroRx Squalane Serum

PureLx HydroRx Squalane Serum is the 100% natural approach to conditioning, moisturizing and protecting your skin.

This astonishingly efficient skin conditioner is excellent at keeping your skin well moisturized and smooth. Because Squalane also exhibits amazing regenerative, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it also acts as a shield inhibiting UV and free radical damage!

Because of its molecular structure, Squalane works lightning-fast, penetrating the skin at an astounding rate of 2mm per second, thus it goes to work immediately to revitalize, rejuvenate and protect. And, as a marvelous conditioner, it delivers rapid fast relief to dry and irritated skin.

Made by mother nature and delivered straight to you, this natural conditioner is a powerful, safe and amazing serum to have on hand.


  • Pure moisturizer derived from cold pressed olives and is highly effective conditioner and moisturizer for dry, irritated skin.
  • 100% natural, simple, safe, odorless and clear.
  • Revitalizes dry, irritated skin and stimulates healing.
  • Is an antioxidant that helps inhibit UV and free radical damage.


100% Squalane derived from olives.


Can be applied to normal, dry or dehydrated skin. Apply to the skin in a thin layer.

Why Choose Purelx Collagen

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The journey through time comes with its share of skin challenges, most of which stem from the diminishing levels of collagen. Collagen, a crucial protein, stands as the cornerstone for skin resilience and suppleness. However, as we age, the natural collagen supply dwindles, paving the way for: fine lines, cellulite, wrinkles

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        Purelx Collagen Peptides Powder
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